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Sep 30 / The Architect

Goodbye AMC, hello DSC!

Just when I thought Citrix could make a product release without renaming anything, I find that the good old Access Management Console has been renamed to the Delivery Services Console!

I can imagine the meeting..

Marketing:”…so, what new product names are we introducing in this release?”
Development:” Well, none.”
Marketing: “None?!”
Development: “Well, theres some new HDX stuff in there, but we’re already using that term”
Marketing: “But we need something new…a rebranding…keep things fresh”
Development: “…..”
Marketing: “Customers have dutifully been paying their subs…we need to give them something new..even if its not needs to sound new!”
Development “err….”
Marketing: “OK, what stuff have you got that people use regularly that hasn’t been changed for a while”
Development: “Well, there’s Speedscreen”
Marketing: “No, we did that already..HDX remember?”
Development: “The CMC?”
Marketing: “No, we did that last time – Advanced Configuration Console now”
Development: “AMC then.”
Marketing: “Perfect. And does the AMC do anything different in this release than the previous?”
Development: “No, its pretty much the same, with a few performance enhancements to speed up discovery.”
Marketing: “Enhancements you say? Hmmm…well, in that case it deserves a new name..something that reflects all the changes”
Development: “But its not really changed that much…it still d..”
Marketing: “..never mind..let us handle this”
Marketing <already on phone to Agency> “Yes, we’ve got this new console…needs a snappy title….to align with all the application delivery stuff we’re now doing….yes…..yes…..controls services?…sounds..”
Development: “..hold on..people use another console to do that….”
Marketing: “Deliver Services…yes…its perfect! We deliver application services to users..and the Delivery Services Console is how its all managed! Genius! <hangs up>”
Development: “…..”
Marketing: “Thanks for your input everyone! Now, how do we go about getting this new name into the product…”
Development <holds head in hands>

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