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Mar 24 / The Architect

No new features in XenApp Feature Pack 3 for 2003

From what I’ve gathered from the web, and speaking to contacts at Citrix, the XenApp 5 Feature Pack 3 new features applies to 2008R1 server only.

If you look at the feature list, this explains why the features listed are the same as Feature Pack 2 on 2003, which brings the two products (XenApp 5 on 2008R1 and XenApp 5 on 2003) into line.
Still, it’s a shame that none of the new XA6 features will be available to 2003 server users, as I suspect that’s what the majority of XenApp users are running. I was at least hoping for the improved audio codecs!
The next HRP for XenApp5 (HRP06) is currently in beta, but this contains no new features, and a bucket load of stability fixes.
This leaves the the following changes for XA5 on 2003:

  • New Streaming client that supports services
  • New User Profile Manager

I’ve post later on whether the Seamless Taskbar Grouping in the v12 XenApp plugin works against a XA5 server.

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