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Aug 11 / The Architect

Why I’m attending E2E

If you’ve been working with Citrix, Microsoft or VMware virtualisation technology for a while and have never been to E2E/PubForum then you’re seriously missing out.

I’m attending E2E in Las Vegas, my 14th E2E/PubForum and here’s some of the reasons why:

  • Good technical presentations from fellow experts and architects.
  • Registration is hundreds of euros, not thousands.
  • It’s one of the more chaotic relaxed and informal conferences.
  • It used to be called PubForum, so there’s usually beer involved at some point
  • Attendees are limited to around one hundred so its small enough to retain that “big family” feel
  • Probably the only place you’ll get networking and quality face-time with loads of CTPs and MVPs without them all having to rush off because of other presentation or vendor booth commitments
  • There’s a good mix of loyal regulars many of whom I can now call friends, plus a healthy flow of newbies to make new contact with
  • It’s consultant-friendly being mostly on the weekend so I only need to take one day of unpaid leave
  • I get to visit lots of nice European cities and it’s only a short plane trip from the UK
  • The venues are all inexpensive hotels that won’t break the budget (take note Synergy!)
  • By extending my stay for just a day I get to give the family a long weekend break (aka brownie points)
  • Alex (the organiser), is a very funny guy, after all these years still claims to make no money whatsoever from this so I’m happy to continue to support his self-delusion.

It’s these reasons why I’ve been to 13 PubForum/E2E and only two BriForum conferences in the past six years.

Hope to see you there!

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