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Sep 1 / The Architect

Welcome to the new-look website

After using WordPress for the site, I decided I like it so much I’d change my other sites over to it.

Also, as I’ve now almost completed my Citrix Integration Architect series of exams, a name change was in order.

The site layout and navigation is still very much work in progress, but I’ve migrated some recent content in from the old Drupal-based blog so it didn’t look bare!

Now I just to get back to writing some decent informative updates again!

Aug 16 / The Architect

Aero theme broken after August security updates

The latest round of security hotfixes have disabled the Aero theme on my Windows 7 x64 HP notebook.
There’s not many similar reports so far – the only one I’ve managed to find is this one which related to Vista.

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Jul 2 / The Architect

Sit the XenApp 6 CCA Beta exam for free

The Citrix XenApp 6 1Y1-A18 CCA exam is now open for free Beta testing on the Peason Vue website.
Great opportunity to gain your next CCA qualification for no cost!

Jun 6 / The Architect

No Endpoint monitoring in XenDesktop 4

Citrix no longer offer Edgesight for Endpoints in the Platinum Edition of XenDesktop 4. This was included in XenDesktop 3 platinum edition, so why take it out?

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May 20 / The Architect

80% off Microsoft 2008R2 and Windows 7 e-learning until end of May

Microsoft have a whopping 80% discount of a 200-hours package of Windows 7 and Windows 2008 server e-learning courses until end of May.
The training voucher is Euro399 instead of the usual Euro 1,990 and is valid for 12 months.

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