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Aug 12 / The Architect


Wasp? A new code-name for a top secret virtualisation product? Sorry, nothing quite that exciting I'm afriad! This is a non-IT related blog post for once.

Yesterday I got stung by a wasp.

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Jun 24 / The Architect

Microsoft pulls RDP DirectX remoting at the last minute

A recent Microsoft blog post highlights a small but significant change to the RTM of Windows 2008 R2

The DirectX remoting – being able to render DirectX natively on the client using the local GPU, won't now be included in RDP7. This is technology Microsoft purchased from Callista, and WAS present in the recent release candidate, but has been removed from the RTM build.

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Jun 16 / The Architect

Provisioning Server 5.1 released

Citrix have quietly pushed out version 5.1 of provisioning server, which appears to have had a slight re-branding (yes, nothing is sacred!) and now appears to be called Provisioning Services.

Available for anyone with active subs from the mycitrix page.

NIC teaming appears to be finally supported, along with read-only storage for vDisks. Will post a more indepth look when I've had a play.

Jun 16 / The Architect

Welcome to the final iForum!

I'll be blogging from iForum in Edinburgh over the new few days reporting on any noteworthy items not already covered from Synergy last month.

This will be the final iForum in Edinburgh – next year will see a single Synergy event for Europe held in Berlin in the Autumn. Kind of makes sense for Citrix to consolidate their various European iForums a la VMWorld.

The recession does appear to be taking its toll on the conference circuit with both exhibitor and delegate numbers much reduced from previous years, so reducing the number of events was a logical step.

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