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Aug 11 / The Architect

Why I’m attending E2E

If you’ve been working with Citrix, Microsoft or VMware virtualisation technology for a while and have never been to E2E/PubForum then you’re seriously missing out.

I’m attending E2E in Las Vegas, my 14th E2E/PubForum and here’s some of the reasons why:

  • Good technical presentations from fellow experts and architects.
  • Registration is hundreds of euros, not thousands.
  • It’s one of the more chaotic relaxed and informal conferences.
  • It used to be called PubForum, so there’s usually beer involved at some point
  • Attendees are limited to around one hundred so its small enough to retain that “big family” feel
  • Probably the only place you’ll get networking and quality face-time with loads of CTPs and MVPs without them all having to rush off because of other presentation or vendor booth commitments
  • There’s a good mix of loyal regulars many of whom I can now call friends, plus a healthy flow of newbies to make new contact with
  • It’s consultant-friendly being mostly on the weekend so I only need to take one day of unpaid leave
  • I get to visit lots of nice European cities and it’s only a short plane trip from the UK
  • The venues are all inexpensive hotels that won’t break the budget (take note Synergy!)
  • By extending my stay for just a day I get to give the family a long weekend break (aka brownie points)
  • Alex (the organiser), is a very funny guy, after all these years still claims to make no money whatsoever from this so I’m happy to continue to support his self-delusion.

It’s these reasons why I’ve been to 13 PubForum/E2E and only two BriForum conferences in the past six years.

Hope to see you there!

Feb 24 / The Architect

The ultimate Citrix Synergy survival guide – 2016 Vegas edition

I’ve published this Ultimate Synergy Survival guide now for three years running and it’s always popular with both regulars and newbies. Now updated with 2016 links, content and Vegas-specific information. It’s a living document, so will be subject to updates as we get nearer the conference.

Hope you find it useful!

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Jan 30 / The Architect

Are Citrix penalising small independent partners?

At the recent Citrix partner conference, Citrix announced sweeping changes to their Solution Adviser channel partner program.

The main changes are that bigger discounts on SRP are now offered to partners who classify under one of four new Citrix Specialist tracks:

  • Virtualisation
  • Mobility Management
  • Networking for data centre
  • Networking for App and mobile security

Citrix are also throwing in a number of ancillary benefits:

  • Increased competitive differentiation
  • Incremental Specialist discounts and rewards
  • Increased profitability with short ROI
  • Recognition for technical expertise via Citrix endorsement
  • Strengthened trust and engagement with Citrix sales team

All sounds great right? Anyone who relies on Citrix for their business would be foolish not register. Indeed it does, until you start to dig into the entry requirements.

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Jan 11 / The Architect

Problems adding XenServer to a domain and specifying the OU

I recently encountered a bizarre XenServer issue which I though I’d share as it will save you some time if you encounter the same. I was surprised there was no information already available about it, and Googling the error (which is generally a good first step) only showed up one very old forum thread for XenServer.
Updated 19/01/15 with details of the FQDN hostname issue affecting domain joins

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Oct 18 / The Architect

Stuff for sale

Being a teccie, I tend to accumulate lots of kit which invariably sits around gathering dust, so every so often I have a clear-out, and this is it!

HP ProLiant Microservers x 2 (new)

These are brand new, in sealed boxes from an aborted project. Make ideal small home lab servers. The will run ESXi, XenServer or HyperV. I use one to run my home automation system.

  • HP Proliant N36L MicroServer 1P (HP part number 633724-421)
  • Form Factor: MicroServer
  • Processor: AMD Athlon II Model NEO N36L (2 Core, 1.30GHz 1MB L2, 15W)
  • L2 Cache: 2MB L2
  • Memory: 1024MB PC3-10600E UDIMMs DDR3
  • Memory Slots: 2 DIMM Slots
  • Maximum Internal Memory: 8GB
  • Number of Hard Drives Supported: (4)LFF SATA; non-hot plug
  • Hard Disk Controller: Integrated 4 Port SATA RAID
  • Standard Srorage Connection: Non-hot plug 3.5 Inch SATA
  • Optical Drive: None
  • Operating System: None
  • Networking: (1) 1GbE NC107i 1 Port
  • £99 ONO for collection or can post for £9.60 to most UK addresses.

Dell Intel dual port PCI Gigabit NIC  (new x 2)

  • Part number 01P8D1
  • £20ONO

 Crucial 2Gb DDR3 PC3-8500 Unbuffered ECC RAM modules (new x 8)

  • Part number CT25672BA1067
  • Form Factor: UDIMM
  • Module Size: 2GB
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Specs: DDR3 PC3-8500 • CL=7 • Unbuffered • ECC • DDR3-1066 • 1.5V • 256Meg x 72
  • Suitable for use in the HP MicroServers above.
  • £19 ONO


More stuff to be added soon. Contact me if you are interested in any of the above.

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